DaShef – digital menu for restaurants and bars, a new project by Dream Implementation, provides an opportunity for improvement of restaurant experience for guests, but also for staff, completely changing the way a guest communicates with a restaurant and rising standard of the restaurant to the next level. DaShef digital menu is available for Android tablets and can be downloaded on Google Play Store. Unlike the classic menu which, due to its form, shows only a limited amount of information, daShef uses all multimedia functionalities in order to take the visual presentation of the complete offer of a restaurant to the next level, as well as to display all the splendor of the food offered to the guest. Apart from pictures and videos, the nutritional value and preparation time for each meal, recommendations, and an integrated wine list are all displayed. An important component of the system is a fully automated ordering, whereby guests can order food and drinks directly from the application, but can also summon the waiter, which significantly reduces the time it takes to serve the customer. DaShef, through a simple background interface, allows the business owner to quickly and easily edit and manage menus, wine lists and orders, as well as the integration with POS system. Furthermore, statistical information from the system allows further optimization of the restaurant's offers and processes. We are currently working on the further development of daShef, and in a few months we expect the release of the version that will provide an opportunity for loyalty programs, as well as an application for smartphones, designed for guests.

DaShow is a digital & social signage solution. If you want to share more information with your customers, show an ad for your products or you want to engage your customers or cisitors, daShow is the right chice for you!

Show various ads and information, engage your cusomers via social networks in your venue, no metter if it is a shopping mall, hotel, restaurant or a public space like an airport or train station. Rent it for a day or two and engage visitors to tweet, make check-ins and like, while you can also show important information about the conference like the speakers bio or agenda. Also, inform visitors about other conferences that will happen soon.

Get daShow right now and make your business more interesting for both you and your customers!