About us

Meet the team

Dream Implementation is founded in December 2012 with the goal to offer service of development of software solutions to customers, but also to develop our own dreams and ideas. And what are these dreams and ideas? To develop super cool web and mobile applications, simple as that! In addition to providing our services to others, we are also developing our own applications.

The first of them is our super hero DaShef, who day by day strengthens his superpowers. He uses them to help restaurants and hotels provide a new and unforgettable experience to their guests, which they will be happy to share with their freinds, acquaintances, colleagues and family.

The second product by Dream Implementation is a social & digital signage solution called daShow. This solution allows digital advertising in public areas or in areas with the large flow of people.

Andrija Frinčić

A dreamer, always battling his engineering side. A geek and in love in technology and gadgets, as well as social networks. He uses his spare time to fly in a spaceship and save worlds.

Miroslav Zadravec
Cofounder/Frontend Team Leader

HTML and CSS are languages he uses more often than Croatian; from time to time he composes using JavaScript and PHP. He spends his spare time shooting with his camera and switching from being seated on his office chair, to being seated on a train or a plane.

Bojan Herceg
Creative director

Designer, pixel pusher, good food lover, nitpicker, simple-complicated, gadget fan, cross-fit and car enthusiast, interior designer aficionado