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  • tff-mob

    Tabor film festival

    Tabor Film Festival is a project of non-government organization GOKUL, Hangtime Agancy and other partners.

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  • kfk-eng-1


    KFK is an expert in design, engineering, fabrication and assembly of custom facade systems. To make the website we used a WordPress theme built in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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  • ptss-eng-1


    P.T.S.S. ltd. is a Croatian waste paper collection and processing company founded in 1992. To make the website we used a WordPress theme built in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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  • SretnoScreen1


    Sretno.eu is a platform for sending holiday greeting cards backed by Zagreb Pride, Lesbian Organization Rijeka LORI and Trans Aid Croatia. The website, ...

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  • Telascica1

    Nature Park Telašćica

    Nature Park Telašćica is one of 11 Croatian nature parks and one of the largest and most beautiful Adriatic bays. To make the website we used a WordPress theme built in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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  • Guuru.io for desktop, Android and iOS


    Guuru is an application that allows users quick and easy contact with experts from various fields. The experts can create a profile that is visible to ot ...

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  • SayBubble


    Saybubble is a new social media network that focuses on cities and countries – it allows users to follow cities and countries that are interesting ...

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  • HR4EU - landing page


    HR4EU is a web application for foreigners that want to learn Croatian. It consists of two main parts on two different platforms - Moodle and WordP ...

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  • MyCroatianAdventure Homepage

    My Croatian Adventure

    My Croatian Adventure is a web application developed for the client Relativa informacije d.o.o. The application was made using Python ...

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  • HappyScore - web, Andorid and iOS


    HappyScore is a platform that collects customer feedback super easy thereby providing valuable insights on likes and dislikes of services and produc ...

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  • Metroteka - Loris


    Loris is a measuring and monitoring equipment management system. It allows the owners of the instruments to keep records on managing their laboratory equipment (calibration, qualification, service, et ...

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  • raniKLIK portfolio screenshot


    Website raniKLIK.hr consists of a database and search engine of providers of Early Childhood Development services in Croatia. Visit ...

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  • KeenOnMars portfolio screenshot


    KeenOnMars is a Berlin graphic design studio. They've designed a super neat website for themselves and gave us the task to develop that design into a working WordPress site. Take a look at their we ...

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  • Bolingo deutsch-kroatisch.com


    deutsch-kroatisch.com is a small WordPress site that we made for a translation company Boli ...

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  • NinaFotka portfolio screenshot


    Web page of the photographer Nina Ðurdevic, was created using Wordpress; a custom template was created for it.

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  • Dietpharm Screenshot

    Dietpharm Memory

    Dietpharm Memory is the first game developed at Dream Implementation. It is a mobile app that allows players to play a Memory game in which they pair Dietpharm products with different diagnoses. The g ...

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  • SSD8_Slider

    Sagena Security Day

    Sagena Security Day is a web page for Sagena conference about IT safety, developed in WordPress.

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  • Lunaria_Naslovna


    Lunaria is the general representative for McAffee security solutions for the Croatian market. They also distribute As You Wish – a digital signage plat ...

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  • GastrobitWeb_Naslovna


    Gastrobit is the leading Croatian company in creating professional solutions for tracking merchandise management in the restaurant and hotel indu ...

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  • GastrobitApp Android and iOS

    Gastrobit SmartMobile

    Gastrobit SmartMobile is a mobile application that allows solution for users of the Gastrobit SmartPOS and provides insight into various reports from the cash register in real time. Users can access c ...

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  • LEDCentar slider


    LED centar is a market leader in LED lighting for advertising industry. The site was created in WordPress with theme that was customised using H ...

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  • Bolingo frontpage slider


    Website for a translation company Bolingo. It was created using HTML5, CSS (written with SASS), JavaScript and PHP to calculate the cost of transla ...

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  • AsYouWish


    AsYouWish is a digital signage platform we developed for Sagena informatički inženjering d.o.o. What distinguishes it the fact that it’s entir ...

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  • InformAsYouWish Frontpage


    Web page of products by InformAsYouWish. The page was created using WordPress; a custom template was made for it.

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